Quality Management

We operate a company-wide program of quality management. Each of our locations operates in accordance with Akdeniz Kimya Quality Assurance System. This covers all aspects of our business from purchase of raw materials to the delivery of goods and after sales support. Based on this system our state-of-the-art production sites in Izmir has been operating in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Management standards for several years. Akdeniz succeeded to become the only company among its competitors, which produces all specialty chemicals those used as raw materials for both Ca/Zn & Pb based stabilizers, so that the quality fluctuations are minimized. Naturally, the quality of our products and services is reflected to you, the esteemed customer; who defines measurable quality. Furthermore PVC has excellent chemical and physical properties. Being versatile and cost effective, PVC also helps conserving natural resources as well as protecting the environment. With the increasing consumption of PVC, Akdeniz will continue its journey with enthusiasm to become the leading player in PVC Stabiliser production. Furthermore, the quality of PVC end products does not only depend on stabilisers, but also other additives. Because of our commitment to PVC, Akdeniz did not limit itself to PVC stabiliser manufacturing. Acrylic processing aids have been added to product portfolio at the end of year 2003 and acrylic impact modifiers at the beginning of year 2005.

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