A Breaktrough Company

Akdeniz Chemicals is a place where employment is synonymous with opportunity, Our global presence, culture of innovation and bias toward action make Akdeniz Chemical a lively place to work. The ingenuity, passion, and dedication of our employees are the core of our strength, and success. To work here is to embark upon a journey of discovery. You will learn new markets, experiences new industries and come face to face with unparalleled career path option. Akdeniz chemical is an attractive employer. Management and employee representatives found solution together and the company lets employees to shape the company with their own solutions. Human Resources department Human resources is responsible for identifying, hiring and retaining this gifted intellectual talent, as well as developing and administering Akdeniz chemical’s generous compensation program in order to create a quality employee experiences. We are motivated to ensure the right people are in the right jobs to fuel our dynamic organization and Akdeniz Chemical’s future.

Work Environment

How we conduct business is important to us as our business itself. Akdeniz Chemicals aims to create a workplace that inspires employees to pursue new challenges and grow by realizing their creative and innovation potential. Akdeniz Chemicals also values communication between management and employees at all times in accordance to with applicable laws and regulation of the country law and company regulations. Akdeniz Chemical serves its purchaser with highest potential and quality and in this section all employees have responsibility.

All employees must work for Akdeniz Chemical with their highest care and attentive.


All new employees are required to attend the new employee orientation day. The human resources department facilitates a general program for all new employees designed to acquaint them with various topics of importance to their employment at Akdeniz Chemical. After this orientation program all new employees have a trial period that takes 2 months, by the end of the period management evaluates the new employees performance if they get the good Marks after this evaluation they merit to join Akdeniz Chemical family.

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