Akdeniz DMA600

DMA 600 offers not only high impact strength and other mechanical properties, but also excellent stability at various output rates. Enhanced powder properties bring advantages in packaging and handling. Thanks to the specially designed DMA 600 with its easy-flow, low dust and odor characteristics, automatic handling and feeding systems can be used for quicker and safer working operations. Akdeniz impact modifier, with its remarkably excellent processibility, enables manufacturers to produce high quality, complex PVC products at very high output rates. DMA 600, having good UV resistance, excellent color stability and durability, can retain original appearance during long-term outdoor exposures and under adverse weathering conditions. DMA 600 can be used conventionally as a stand alone impact modifier, because of Akdeniz’ long experience manufacturing stabiliser compounds, the company is able to provide total solutions that can offer additional economies by further reducing impact modifier levels.

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