For General Applications

Akdeniz PRO30

Addition of PRO 30 greatly reduces fusion time and improves melt homogeneity. These properties enable processing at higher temperatures and increased production rates with the perfect quality of the final product's surface. It is a low molecular weight processing aid. Usage of PRO 30 provides high melt strength and reduction in plate out.

Akdeniz PRO40

Application of PRO 40 increases melt strength and fusion time significantly. It has the capability to bind PVC chains together, resulting increased melt elasticity by having long polymer chains. This property makes it possible to be used in foam applications. It has higher molecular weight than PRO 30. Not only it provides perfect wall thickness, but also excellent thermoforming capability. PRO 40 has the property to improve melt homogeneity, achieving a perfect surface finish of the final product.

For Foam Applications

Akdeniz PRO45

PRO 45 is formulated to be used in foam applications. Addition of PRO 45 reduces density very significantly and makes the final product surface excellent. It is the highest molecular weight processing aid compared to other PRO line products. As the addition is increased, the ability of keeping the gas inside the melt improves, resulting lower density and better foam. Consistent processing becomes possible with the usage of this highly efficient processing aid.

For Lubrications

Akdeniz PRO50

PRO 50 is a lubricating acrylic processing aid. Usage of PRO 50 reduces the tendency of PVC melt to adhere to hot metal surface of the processing machinery, resulting prevention of sticking and much longer production runs without stopping. Not only it reduces plate out but also makes a very clear and glossy surface finish possible for the final product. PRO 50 can be used in combination with other processing aids, while improving melt homogeneity and heat stability. Increased fusion time and reduction in torque are some other benefits gained when PRO 50 is used in formulations.

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