Akdeniz products have a wide range of usage in applications such as rigid window and building profiles, rigid PVC pipes, injection moldings, cable insulation and sheeting, rigid and flexible sheets, floor coverings, artificial leather, shoe soles and so forth.

Aksab:Metallic soaps based on Aluminium, Barium, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc.
Akstab:Metallic salts and soaps based on Lead, Co-Stabilizers, Secondary stabilizers.
Akropan:Solid one-pack and mixed metal compounds based on Ca/Zn and Pb in various forms as powder, flakes, granules and tablets.
Akstab L:Liquid Mixed Metal Stabilisers based on Ca/Zn, Ba, Ba/Zn, Sn and kickers based on Zn, Ba/Zn and K/Zn.
Aklub:PVC lubricants such as Ester waxes, Acid waxes, Polyethylene waxes, Oxidized polyethylene waxes, Hydrocarbon waxes, Glycerin esters.
PRO:Acrylic processing aids.
DMA:Acrylic impact modifiers.
AS:Acid Scavengers

Product Forms
Akdeniz chemicals can be supplied in different forms as powder, flake, granule, tablet and liquid with different packaging.

Packaging Options

  • Steel Containers
  • Multilayer Paperbags
  • Preweighed Sachets
  • FFS bags
  • EVA batch bags
  • Bigbags Drums

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